Who is ready for a fun craft project with your kids? By February, we are all getting bored and tired of dull, dreary winter days and are ready for some new indoor art activities! Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to break out some bright colors, spend some time crafting and creating together as a family, and fill a long, cold Sunday afternoon or snow day!
Plus, this paint project can be done with kids of all ages, from toddler to teen, and gives you DIY Valentine’s Day heart cards that you can give to friends in class and family. Sharing the love and kindness makes it extra sweet!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Paint in your favorite Valentine colors (we used acrylic paint but you could also use washable tempera)White cardstock, cut into heart shapesDish soapSmall shallow bowls for mixing (1 for each color you want to use)Plastic StrawsWater
To start, squirt some paint into the bottom of each bowl, adding each color to a new bowl. I didn’t measure but probably used about 2 Tbsp. Then, add a squirt of your dish soap, about the same amount. Finally, add some water, just enough to mix with the soap and paint. Mix really well until it is all blended together.
Now you’re ready for the fun! Grab a straw and gently blow into the mixture. It should start creating foamy paint bubbles that rise to the top of the bowl. If it’s not bubbling, you can adjust your water or soap to thin it out or make it soapier. Once your bubbles have risen to the top, it’s time to paint! Grab your heart paper and slowly press it over the bubble foam. The paint should stick to the paper in a really cool bubble pattern. You can re-apply it several times, layering different colors as you’d like. Experiment with different patterns and enjoy the process!

And that’s it! Lay flat to dry, and once they are dry you can see the really neat bubble paint pattern on the paper. Add some fun lettering, glitter, lace, ribbon, or any other Valentine craft decorations that you’d like, and then you’ll have your own custom, painted Valentines that are ready for handing out to friends and family!
I actually did this craft with my kids on a facebook live video on my facebook page! Check it out and see our full step by step tutorial, plus maybe a few ideas of what NOT to do!

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